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shello & welcome

I am a Professional Performer and an Underwater Artist based in Dorset and Hampshire on the south coast, UK. I have deep love of singing and dance and care very deeply for the wellbeing of the earth and each other. I want to help our stunning blue planet by reigniting the magic of compassion and imagination through story telling, visual arts and entertainment.

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Creating compassionate & educational mermaid films about on plastic pollution and the collective power of change.

What if I could make short films to combine my passion of the arts and compassion for the planet? Not only to feel creative again but help be a voice for the ocean. How? By becoming a mermaid again. Merfolk are the embodiment of nature, grace, compassion, strength and movement, the spirits of the sea. Mers have captured the hearts of humans for thousands of years and are heavily featured in folklore and stories all around the world.
I started brainstorming and came up with some film shorts that I'm so eager and excited to get this in to now I'm reaching out to ask for your amazing help to help make this happen!

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